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There are three kind of companies: Those who MAKE things happen, those who WATCH things happen and those who WONDER WHAT HAPPENED.

Working together is shifting enormously … Self-employed people, start-ups, communities of all kind, …

At this moment in time a beautiful group of Young Potentials is in all kinds of management development programs with multinationals. They think that ‘have access to’ is more important than ‘owning’, that the better idea should be implemented no matter who’s idea it is. That personal development, sustainability and fun are more important than a company car, a huge salary or (social) security. Their world is filled to the roof with technology.

Management and boards of traditional (small and medium size) companies do feel that there is need for change within their companies, but what and how?

Around now the first of these Millenials are stepping up to management jobs within traditional organizations.

In these organizations – especially in the operation / the factory people are still often used to following orders. What an unknown pleasure and opportunities it will give for all involved if on the one side all the knowledge and skills of people – who do the work every day – will be used by the new generation who is – on the other hand - already used to the idea that it is not important who came up with the idea as long as the best idea is carried out, in an environment where they can make the difference, where passion, energy and technology are the drive.’

Experience the impact of HOWtodoWHY in your own organization by realizing a real content project. Provided that you are really, really REALLY finished with the barriers and constraints for you as the (owner) director of / and your current organization and that you really look forward to the unlimited powers that will be unrevealed once your employees really think and act by themselves; Why hire intelligent people and tell them what to do, in the first place???

Owners / Directors that went on this road are so far like a needle in a haystack, but the pioneers are very happy with their decision, very successful and they experience more peace and fun in their work!

You are explicitly invited to contact me with projects, ideas, figments and snatches of thoughts around your dream organization …outside the comfort zone is where the magic happens! The first exploratory meeting is for you without costs.